Movie Star Planet Cheats


Movie Star Planet Game and the Movie star planet cheats

Movie Star Planet Game, and the Movie star planet cheats program.



What you can do with this program:

- You can get Unlimited Diamonds

-You have access to Unlimited Coins

-Given the ability to add VIP to your account for more capabilities

Welcome to the Party!

Here we have Movie Star Planet Cheats and the Movie Star Planet Game program that allows you to edit and change value of whatever you want inside the game’s server side data! Basically The Program allows the USER, that’s you, to intercept the data between you and the server and allows you to input the value you want for your Coins and Diamonds. Hell you can even add on VIP. And if you thought that sounded great, well now it gets better… All this is Free. All 100 % free of charge and this program allows you to take advantage and exploit the game to the core. Who has time to sit around and earn coins and diamonds when you can simply hack it and have fun!

            We also have Movie Star Planet Codes available. Basically so I don’t fry your brain here, the Movie Star Planet Cheats program has a special added feature, Custom coded entries. These are for hacking actual lobbies! Want to control the lobby? Well now you can! This program was made by our developers and we are always taking suggestions just contact us at if you have any issues or just want to give us some tips.

We don’t like people adding comments on the page, because it tends to spam up the site, making it slower.  To receive your free program just click the download button below! Fill out a quick survey, which requires no purchase. And you will redirected to the main Movie Star Planet Cheats Download page. Follow the steps and you receive the number one program for the Movie Star Planet Game, and the best part to obtaining this cheat is that no matter how many times you do this, you CAN’T GET BANNED. There is never any cookies left between the server and your account. For all they know you earned what you have.

            Now you can brag to your friends, and strut your stuff around the Movie Star Planet Game with our product. To protect our product from resell and to provide our creators with a little compensation, there is a mandatory survey you must complete in order to download our Movie Star Planet Cheats package :)

            And remember everything in moderation! Please do not ruin the game for everyone and mess with lobbies every chance you get. Just get yourself VIP, get some diamonds and coins, and repeat! DO NOT ABUSE the product or the developers of the Movie Star Planet Game will probably find a way to patch it.  Enjoy!


 Movie Star Planet Cheats

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-The Game Itself – 

The movie star planet game has been making waves in most of the western countries these days and there are a number of people who have managed to get hooked on to this game. The game is addictive and fun to play since it has a unique concept which is interesting and fresh. While the initial stages of the game are a lot more fun considering most users are still figuring out how to play the game the right way, it does tend to slow down a bit somewhere in between. Most users complain about not having enough star coins to move ahead in the game and this makes them get stuck at a particular level for a long time.

Some users tend to give up the game mid way due to the boring long wait that makes them lose interest. If you’re an avid player and you’re stuck, it’s time you considered getting some Movie star planet cheats that will help you move on in the game and bring back the excitement and fun that you miss. Back in the old days a person invested in various board games to entertain themselves, and since the movie star planet is a free game, you could invest in some Movie star planet cheats that will keep you entertained.

The Movie star planet cheats usually help users accumulate more star coins and diamonds within the game. This helps users level up much faster and the excitement for the game remains constant. Some Movie star planet cheats enable users to obtain a free VIP pass which is a charged feature on the game.

Most of the Movie star planet cheats are very easy to use and have been created in a user friendly manner for you to get the maximum benefit from the tool. This tool is really easy to install which makes it a hot selling tool online. IT helps users generate unlimited free star coins and diamonds. It also unlocks VIP for free. The Movie star planet cheats is safe and can be used even in a secure connection with no worry.

We like everything to move smoothly and in a swift manner, and it’s the same with games, it’s tie you lea the long annoying wait behind and opt in for some of the most effective Movie star planet cheats that help you play the game with no interruptions and ensure you level up fast and become a famous virtual movie star in no time. Download the Movie star planet cheats software today and enjoy some of the best features you’ve always craved to have. Buy unlimited clothes and more and design your home with the best furniture and accessories.

So why wait for your game to level up slowly in a boring manner when you can keep the excitement alive and create some of the best movies that can increase your star coins leaps and bounds. Get the Movie star planet cheats today and enjoy uninterrupted game benefits with no limits.

- So What Are You Waiting For? -

Movie Star Planet is one of the most popular online games that have been getting a lot of hits these days. This game has been specifically designed for tweens all over the world. It allows users to create different looks and movies and share it with the world. The Movie Star Planet Game has a number of levels and the more a user plays, the higher they go. They get a lot of virtual fame as they rise and they can gather star coins which help them perform better at the game.

Movie Star Planet Game allows users to connect with other players. The game is designed in a way that all users are safe and the only reason they can connect with other users is to play the game. All personal information is always kept private and this safeguards the wellbeing of users who choose to connect with other players via this platform.

Movie Star Planet Game is free and there’s no registration fees that one needs to pay in order to play the game. Dedicated players can choose to buy coins or other subscriptions from the website for reasonable prices. Movie Star Planet Game was launched in 2009 and it’s been getting a lot of appreciation since then. The game is freely available in 12 European markets and is also available in USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. This game is rapidly growing and the developers plan on launching it in several other countries soon.

Movie Star Planet Game enables users to create their own personal virtual movie star avatar. You can use this virtual star to star in movies, chat in the available chat rooms and play the game. As you level up, you can earn more coins and increase your fame. The Star coins in this game refer to the virtual money you own, so the more coins you accumulate, the richer you get. You earn these coins while chatting in rooms, and when other users on Movie Star Planet Game watch your published movie. You can also earn star coins by gathering autographs and play games in the chat room. The game begins at level 0 and the more you play, the higher your level goes. As you level up, you get access to better animation, better chat rooms which have been reserved for movie stars at higher levels. You can use the star coins to shop for clothes, costumes, movie backgrounds and more.

This game has number of props that you can purchase to enhance your virtual star home and make it look like a star home. Movie Star Planet Game is a fun game that you’ll enjoy playing. So log on today and create your very own movie star avatar and enjoy the virtual world of fame on one of the most exciting platforms you’ll ever come across. This is a free website and you don’t have to pay a registration fees to sign up. What are you waiting for? Sign up now.